How to start

Note: When a new user creates an account for the first time, not linked to the Metamask wallet yet, there will be 6 Cyber ​​to experience

Step 1: Install the game

📲 For Android

📲 For iOS

Step 2: Create game account

Note: Please check your email to get the activation code. Do not ignore your inbox and spam.

Step 3: Connect Metamask wallet to Marketplace wallet

Step 4: Connect Marketplace with account game

Step 5: Buy Cyber Box on Marketplace

There are 2 ways to Buy Boxes:

(Note: The project has ended 3 rounds of official box sales)

Step 6: Synchronizing Cyber Box to game.

Note: You can only sync one box to the game at a time.

Step 7: Open your box in the game

Step 8: Create your squad

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