💥Player's EXP

The new player will start the game with Level 0, 0 EXP. After passing the levels and game modes, the player will gain a certain amount of EXP, when reaching the required number of EXP will increase the Player's level.

  • Every battle won in Campaign Mode, Players gain EXP according to this formula: EXP = Base EXP * X

*Note: The Campaign level is calculated by Ordinal number. For example, Mission 1-1 in Campaign Mode is level 1; Mission 8-6 is level 48.

  • Every battle won in Arena Mode, Players gain +(10 + AP/100) EXP, lose + (5 + AP/200) EXP

  • From level 10 onwards, if there is no Campaign win for the day, Player will lose (100 * Current Player's Level ) EXP that day.

  • Player's Level if the lowest deduction is returned to level 0, 0 EXP

  • After activating, deducting Player EXP points will no longer have the level 10 condition

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