Ezekiel is a genius in the field of botany. Suddenly, one day, he discovered he had a brain tumor and if he had surgery, the recovery rate would be extremely low. He was almost desperate until he found a strange fungus capable of eating cells growing deep in the Amazon forest.

He had frantically performed experiments on guinea pigs and he himself wished for a chance to live. The experiment was successful, but Ezekiel was transformed. He was almost immortal, but his body became vegetative and his mind went insane.

Spike Zone

All enemies take 690% of attack damage PvP: have a 50% chance to be silenced for 6s if target is Assassin.

Razor Blade

Increase Critical rate by 25%. 1st Skill's effect bonus: Has 50% chance to deal 200% Bleeding damage for 5s.


Increase Critical Damage by 50%. 1st skill's effect bonus: Has 50% chance to deal 400% bleeding damage for 5s.

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