Specimen E-001 was Ricardo's alias when he was a lab subject for Industry Corp. Once a builder was trying to earn money to support his family, an accident took all his labor from him. He volunteered to be a test subject for Industry Corp's mechanization of workers. And when the Resistance came, he knew he needed to do what was best for his family. Rebel and fight.
Shield Bash
Deals 1080% of Attack damage against 4 random enemies (Front-line and Mid-line in Arena) and additional 10% of the target’s HP damage (Max damage caps by 1500% of Ricardo’s Attack), has a 20% chance to Horrify them for 5s, causing them unable to use normal attack. Shields all teammates for 2000% Damage for 10 seconds.
Last Stand
Increases HP by 20%, increases Attack by 10%, increases Crit rate by 15%.
Scary Face
Ricardo’s normal attack has 3% chance to proc Scary Face (deals 100% of Attack Damage against 1 random enemy, and has a 50% chance to Horrify them for 6s, causing them unable to use normal attack).
Resurrect when killed in battle with 50% HP, shields all teammates for 15% of this Cyber's HP for 10s (trigger only once). Ricardo can't do any attack in 10s after reborn.
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