Toona is a girl full of personality and independence. She inherited her talents and skills from her late grandmother, after an unexpected incident.

Toona lost herself in that moment, living a closed life. After hearing that other Cybers had gathered and needed support, Toona came out of her shell and set out to fight.

Fusillade Toona opens fully and fires a barrage of shots every 0.5s for 5s, each wave dealing 200% damage. After that clear all buffs on enemies

Rapid Fire Calls down a Drone in 10s. Every 3s, Drone targets 6 random Enemies and deals 24 burning damage for 6s

Kiss of War Enemies who got hit by Toona's normal attack will be taken 50% of Attack burning damage for 2s

Revenge When HP falls below 50%, all enemies take 1750% of Attack burning damage for 5s (triggers only once).

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