Annette didn't know who she was, where she came from. The technology she was armed with did not come from this period either. The only thing she knows now is to avenge her adoptive parents, who were mercilessly murdered by Cyborgs.


All enemies take 1700% of attack damage and have a 50% chance to be silenced for 6s.

Demon Hunter

For 6 seconds, this Cyber increases 100% Attack Speed, 60% Crit Rate and 250% Crit Damage. During this skill is actived, this Cyber heals itself HP equal to 10% of normal attack damage dealt.


When an enemy dies, increase Critical Damage by 10% and Damage by 10% for 6 seconds. Up to 5 stacks.

Poison Shoot

When using basic attack, victims have a 2% chance to take 800% of Attack poison damage for 3s and to be silenced for 6s.

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