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World Challenge

  1. 1.
  • Go to the chat channel, click on the fist picture
  • Choose 1 of 3 bet levels: 10k, 50k, 100k
  • Conduct formation, all will be provided with cybers from A - SS with maximum statistics, all are tier 6.
  • Press SAVE
  • The Challenge will notify all players in the chat channel, whoever is the fastest will enter first and only 1 person can participate in each challenge created.
  • The match will start in 60s
2. Note:
  • Challenge creators lose matchmaking fee 1000 mAFK + stake
  • Participants will deduct the bet (full bet is required to participate, unless immediately accept the challenge)
  • Overtime is 1 hour, if no one participates, challenge creator will get full refund of fee and stake
  • The winner will receive the total bet minus 20% of the mIDLE challenge fee.