When opening a Cyber, its HP and Attack stats will fluctuate within a fixed range, other statistics remain the same.
Each Cyber has different traits and skills which determine their role in battle. A Cyber’s strength and weaknesses are defined by five statistics. These five statistics are DMG ( damage), HP (health point), AS (attack speed), Crit Rate (critical rate), Crit DMG (critical damage).
Here is what these Statistics mean:
It determines how much damage Cybers can deals to enemies by using basic attack and unique skill
It determines how much damage Cybers can take before it is defeated
It determines how often Cybers use their basic attack
Crit Rate
It determines the critical hit chance
Crit DMG
It determines how much bonus damage Cybers can deals to enemies with critical hit
*Mana Point:
  • Cyber's energy stat to decide whether skill 1 can be used or not
  • Each Cyber ​​has a maximum of 1000 Mana Points
  • Mana recovered (regen) according to the table below
  • When reaching 1000 Mana Points will not increase and regen Mana any more
  • Enough Mana Cost can use skill 1
  • After using skill 1, Mana Point will be deducted from the skill's Mana cost
Note: If being affected by debuffs or being drained of mana causing mana not to be 100%, Cyber ​​will not be able to use skill 1 until it is full again