A vampire, a shinobi, a cyborg. Laudia spread across the battlefield with the spirit of shinobi and the thirst of a vampire.

Dancing Weapon

9 random enemies (3 random enemies in PvP) take 2500% of Attack damage and in PvP transfer 9% of their attack for 3s, the enemy with the highest HP takes 8% of self total HP burning damage for 6s.


Increase HP by 15%, attack by 10% and Critical Rate by 0.5.

Fan of Knives

3 random enemies take 750% of Attack damage, decrease Damage by 3% for 10s and take 6% of self total HP poison damage for 9s.

Darkness Rise

Whenever affected by CC, take 1000% of Damage healing for 6s. 3 random enemies take 1% of self total HP poison damage for 3s.

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