Grand Arena (PvP)

  • Eligible players will be registered to play Grand Arena (Player Level 55 or higher and AP 1000 or higher)

  • Ticket purchase fee is 1,000 mAFK - Bet fee 20,000 mIDLE

  • The game provides all Cyber โ€‹โ€‹quality from A > SS with Base HP, Base ATK, Tier and Level Up stats all Maximum.

  • Each player can choose up to 18 Cybers corresponding to 3 squads from all Cyber โ€‹โ€‹A >> SS

  • If the user has enough mIDLE to bet and click SAVE, the new lineup will be counted as completed registration

  • If the user has not yet SAVED the squad (have not completed the registration), the new season will not need a ticket and will still be assigned a squad until the user completes the registration and has the season results.

When it is enough 8 teams participating, the system will announce then randomly pair 1vs1 and proceed to compete automatically;

  • The matches will automatically take place simultaneously and the results will be displayed on the score board.

  • The break between 2 consecutive seasons is 1 hour

  • During this 1 hour, Users can click on each match to see the lineup and results. Click Replay to watch the match again.


  • All mAFK used as a fee will be burned

  • The winning team in the final round will receive 80% of the total mIDLE contributed to participation in the tournament, the remaining 20% โ€‹โ€‹will be burned.

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