Droid 88

Droid 88 is a product of The Resistance, built with the remains of cyborgs collected after battle. Droid 88 is often put at the vanguard of battles. He will always fight and sacrifice heroically for humanity, just like his previous 87 versions.

Petro Bombs

9 random enemies (6 random enemies in PvP) take 1500% of Attack damage, take 300% of Attack burning damage for 9s, PvP: take 600% of Attack burning damage for 9s If target is Bastion.

Burning Pain

When using normal attack, victims take more 25% damage if target is Burning.

Plasma Shield

Increase HP by 25% and Damage by 10%.


When taking damage from skill 1, attackers take 75% of Attack damage from counter-attack

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