The cyborg roams the battlefield, wielding a giant scythe ready to sever anyone who approaches him. He is called The Ripper.

Gen1u5 - a genius hacker did a crazy thing. Approach The Ripper and hack into his system. Fortunately, Gen1u5 successfully hacked The Ripper, reinstalling his system so that he could fight by the side of humanity.

Gen1u5 gave him a new name, Chase!


3 random (Front-line in PvP) enemy takes 1800% of attack damage, takes 450% of Attack poison damage for 18s and has a 35% chance to be stunned for 6s.

Poison Attack

Increase Damage by 20%, increase Health by 8% and increase Damage by 30% If target is Poisoned.

Viper Strike

When health falls below 50%, 1 random (back-line in PvP) enemy takes 1000% of damage Poison for 12s (triggered only once).

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