Campaign (PvE)

Players are divided into 4 ranks depending on the number and level of the Cybers:

Condition: Possessing


<= 10 any Cyber


Any >= 10 B~SS Cybers โ€‹โ€‹


Any >= 10 A~SS Cyber


Any >= 10 S~SS Cyber


Everyday, players entering the Campaign matches have a maximum of wins, each win will receive a certain amount of reward, players who lost the fight can replay without losing a turn. The maximum number of victories depends on the playerโ€™s rank:

  • Casual Player has a maximum of 9/9 wins.

  • Adventure has 10/10 wins.

  • Elite has 12/12 wins.

  • Veteran has 15/15 wins.

Each time a player wins (Mission Complete) will be deducted 1 turn. Losing (Mission Fail) does not subtract.

After each win, players will be rewarded with mIDLE and EXP corresponding to each level.

  • mIDLE are affected by 3 factors: Campaign level, Time Left and Health Points Left.

  • EXP are affected by 2 factors: Campaign level and Player's Level.

The number of plays will be reset on Reset Time at 0:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

*Note: Each level has LP requirements, Player Team LP needs to reach the required LP level to play that Level. If user sells or buys NFT, the user's Rank will be summed up at the time of reset day

  • The amount of mIDLE in Campaign Mode can be earned maximum 10000 / 20000 / 40000 / 70000 / 100000 mIDLE per day per Player with the corresponding level of 0-10 / 11-50 / 51-90 / 91-99 / 100. This level is calculated according to the player's first level of the day.

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