IDLE CYBER has all 6 types of Elements. These Elements have the effect of countering as well as buffing damage to each other. It is important that players understand the properties of these elements when entering Arena Mode in order to take advantage of the Cybers' strengths.

Below is an introduction to the Elements as well as a description of them:



Born and raised by mother Earth, Nature is full of energy and vitality. Since Judge Day, Nature seems to have lost some of its power, but over time, this Element is regaining what was lost, coming back stronger than before.

As its name, Machine is an Element that is human-made to concentrate overwhelming power to apply forces and control movements to perform an action. Machine can carry out tasks in a faster, quicker, and more efficient way.

Possessing superior intelligence with sharp hands, Hacker is one of the most comprehensive Elements. With the ultimate goal of โ€œTo leave behind a brighter futureโ€, to ensure the safety of future generations and the disappearance of the villains.

Chemistry is a serious and introverted element with emotional fragility due to the Judge Day's PTSD upbringing. At its core, however, Chemistry has a caring personality devoted to protecting innocents, and a willingness to fight for what it feels is right.

A determined Element enhanced to the peak of human perfection - philosophy is to seek the best in each and every person when its courage, humility, righteous indignation, sacrifice and perseverance are the virtue ethicists are more important now than ever.

After Judge Day, Fallen lost his family and went onto a grief-fuelled rampage against criminals as a vigilante. Having been found, Fallen was then convinced to return home in attempt to battle the evil.

It is important that players ensure they understand and know the elements counters before entering the Arena Mode

Element Aura: Element Aura is a mechanism that players use same element Cybers to increase HP and ATK statistics.

Element list

Team Bonus

1 same Normal Element Cyber

HP + 4% ; ATK + 4%

2 same Normal Element Cybers

HP + 8% ; ATK + 8%

3 same Normal Element Cybers

HP + 10% ; ATK + 10%

4 same Normal Element Cybers

HP + 14% ; ATK + 14%

5 same Normal Element Cybers

HP + 18% ; ATK + 18%

6 same Normal Element Cybers

HP + 22% ; ATK + 22%

1 Missionary Cyber in the formation

HP + 3% ; ATK + 5%

1 Fallen Cyber in the formation

HP + 5% ; ATK + 3%


  • The bonus stats will be calculated based on Cyber's current stats. For example, HP+35% means Cyber's HP from 1,000 increased to 1,350.

  • Strongest available Team Bonus will be selected by default

  • Example for special cases: 3 same normal element + 2 Missionary element = Buff 3 + 2*Buff 7

  • Special Elements in the Team will only receive buff 7 and buff 8, which do not stack with the same normal element (Missionary and Fallen are not normal Element)

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