Cybers with a higher quality have unique skills and higher stats.
There are 5 different levels of Quality: SS - S - A - B - C
The strongest and most prestigious quality of Idle Cyber. Every SS-quality Cyber ​​is equivalent to form an army itself. These Cybers have a huge difference not only in the original stats but also in durability, speed, .. and special skills that show the Cyber's power.
The second strongest quality of the 5 qualities. At this quality, Cyber's Damage, HP and Combat Power stats are all significantly increased.
The third strongest quality out of the 5 qualities. This Cybers quality does not have to perform weekly heroic acts to fulfill any quotas, and are also capable of defeating higher levels by themselves.
Although Cyber ​​quality B is quite weak, the overall stats of the character are higher than Cyber ​​quality C. Usually players will start from Cyber ​​of this quality.
The lowest quality, used to familiarize with the game and as raw materials for higher quality heroes.