Theft, pickpocket, fight and run for survival. That's how Roi grew up in the slums. His resentment towards The Cyborgs accumulated over the years and exploded into an impetus for him to give up his lifestyle of hiding like a rat to stand up and join the resistance.

Battle Fury

Throw 3 waves of massive daggers then spin for 3s. Each dagger deals 1500% of Roi's Attack. This Cyber receives 50% less damage while spinning.

Stifling Dagger

Deal 165% Damage to 1 random enemy, if their HP is higher stunned for 6s, if their HP is lower takes more 600% of attack damage.


Enemy with the lowest HP takes 1100% of attack damage.

Ultimate Faith

Increase Damage by 20%, Attack Speed by 0.2, Critical Chance by 15%.

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