Is he human?

Is he the reincarnation of a god?

Is he a machine made by man?

No one knows the exact answer. But what everyone knows for sure is that he fights for the freedom of mankind.

Flame Spear

Deals 1500% Damage to all enemies in melee range (All range in PvP) and burns them 5% their HP for 5 seconds. 1 random ally recieve 500 mana.

Heavenly Grace

3 random enemies take 750% of attack damage and increases damage taken by 5% for 9s, 1 random ally take 500% of Kasel's attack HP healing.

Gift of the Gods

Increase HP by 20%, increase Attack Speed by 0.2 and reduce damage taken by 20%.

Cyber Aura

When HP falls below 50%, all enemies have a 25% chance to become stunned for 5s (triggers only once).

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